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Obama Seeks To Harm America, Again!

History proves that President Obama’s plan to slap a ten-dollar tax on every barrel of oil imported into America or developed here to use the money for transformation is both is both fool-hearty and wasteful. Once again, one of the big chiefs of overbearing nanny goat government is threatening to use unconstitutional bullying to dictate the activities of “We the People.”…….
by Ron Edwards

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Even if PIE is successful in 2-3 years (which is very unlikely due to majority of Republicans who voted for and enabled passage of the communist ESSA); even if funding ceases from the federal level, the multi-billion dollar corporations, whose lifelong school-to-work/non-academic Skinnerian/TQM workforce training agenda must be implemented at the local level, will pick up the multi billion dollar tab and get tax-exemptions for doing so…….
by Charlotte Iserbyt


Arms Wide Open and Eyes Wide Shut

Anyone who has been the least bit interested in the presidential race has been subjected to numerous political headlines, political analysis, political polling and political posturing (ad nauseam) over the importance candidates have placed on capturing the “evangelical Christian” vote; particularly as we saw in Iowa…….
by Lydia Goodman

Boyan Slat: Cleaning up 300 million Tons of Ocean Plastic

Today, we find plastics in the tissue of birds, fish, whales, turtles, dolphins and just about every creature that feeds in the world’s oceans. Plastic debris constitutes a biological nightmare whose consequences reach decades into the future…….
by Frosty Wooldridge

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