Is There a Constitution? – by Joseph Stromberg… “…that Madison swindled the ratifiers, and that this Original Swindle justifies all later swindles by Presidents, Congresses, and Courts. One might beg to differ. Indeed, the original understanding – decisively shaped by the propaganda of Madison, Hamilton, and Jay in the Federalist Papers – was fairly straightforward. The Constitution was, on the reading “sold” by the Constitution’s backers, a document which set up a few rules for the working of a general government for the common interests of the states. The Constitution would exist “between” the ratifying states; it was not set “over” them by a higher power.”

by Joseph Stromberg I now proceed to answer my own question: If the events of the last few weeks are any guide, then of course there is no Constitution. This should hardly come as a surprise to those high-minded liberals … Continue reading

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