Gunny G: On Beer: Homebrewing…and “HomeBlending”… !!!

Beer: Brewing and Blending!

Bottom line on brewing beer for me is that I was an EXTRACT brewer, not a GRAIN brewer.
I was an extract brewer only–cans or packaged extract.
My own experience, opinions, conclusions, a short summary……
A 1-gallon Mr. Beer kit is as good as a 5-gallon bucket or bigger container.

In fact, the Mr Beer container/keg may be better for experimenting with numerous recipes, and/or if you just prefer smaller batches..

If you are a grain brewer, by all means BOIL your grain; but for extract brewers do NOT boil the extract itself. Rather, boil the water, then turn the flame off and add the extract to the already boiled water, and stir!




Remember the old KISS Method: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

(My Motto: Simplicity and Continuity!)


HOPS: I prefer to not boil the hops at all; just dry hop only.

Some of the above may seem contrary to what many of the “experts teach and write”
It is!
Myself, I have discarded much of the expert information out there. You may have noticed there are unlimited dos and don’ts among homebrewers. I have long since given up on any attempt to convince or argue the finer points of these things with anyone.
So much for homebrewing.

I made the transition from home
brewer to Blender after many years on and off of home
brewing. My comments here are the gist of what I experienced and learned. I was never a grain brewer nor desired to be.


What I call “blending” is simply mixing one beer (bottled, cans, etc,) with another.

When i discovered Kentucky Beer Bourbon Barrel Ale I thought I had found “my beer”!
i was right, but KBBA can also be used as a mix w/other beers, and it makes both beers better! my opinion, and maybe other beers can be used as a mix, too…???
I  discovered quite by accident of sorts that I could use KBBA as a “mix” with other beers, mostly pale ales or IPAs.
To me, this made some beers, which I later also used as a mix, better, as well as making both the mix and the added to beers better, for my tastes, anyway..
No, I do not recommend this for all hands, just saying,
this is my experience and my own likes and dislikes.
My beer experience is ever-changing….I even like ice in my beer sometimes, now.
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