VIDEO Flag To Come Down – History Of The Debate Over the Confederate Flag As Rears its Ugly Head

Reclaim Our Republic

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley Calls for Removal of Confederate Flag From Capitol
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David French gives a response to the caterwauling over the Confederate flag, which is on the front burner thanks to the shitbag who opened fire in a black South Carolina church.
21/06/2015 by sfcmac

From The National Review.

Like many Southern boys, I grew up with two flags hanging in my room — an American flag and a Confederate battle flag. The American flag was enormous, taking up much of one wall. It was the “1776” flag, with 13 stars in a circle in the field of blue. My grandmother bought it for me on the bicentennial, and for years it was a treasured possession. The flag took on a special meaning later in life, when I learned more of a family history that included service with General Washington, suffering at Valley Forge.

The Confederate battle flag…

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