“… Obama and his syndicate are bringing in millions of illegal Muslims and others into the USA to replace and destroy US citizens (see stats on the site ‘Center for Immigration Studies’) who won’t go along with the planned Islamo-Nazi subjugation…while Congress yawns and SCOTUS supports nearly everything Obama proposes to destroy America as founded. Is this a country worth saving?…” ~ Is the USA even worth saving anymore?


By Sher Zieve


……Do real (aka legal) numbers of US citizens really care if the USA lives or dies and is taken over by Islamists and Nazis?

From the questions asked of people on the street by Jesse Watters of “Watters’ World” the answer is no…and it’s always a surprise to me that these people can actually get out of bed and dress themselves.

The late Peter Jennings’ television series “The Dumbing Down of America” has, ultimately, been proven to be oh so correct.

Is this a country even worth bothering to save? Or has it been so corrupted and perverted from its original path that there is no longer anything to save?

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