Jade Helm 15… Military Exercise Or Martial Law Prelude?


Jade Helm 15

By Bill White – SurvivoPedia

The alternative media, or at least the conservative alternative media, has been ablaze with reports of Jade Helm 15 lately. In case you hadn’t heard, Jade Helm is an upcoming military exercise to run from July to September. That in and of itself isn’t anything remarkable, as the military is always running training exercises of one sort or another. Unless they are engaged in fighting, they need those exercises to keep the edge.

But there are a number of things about Jade Help that are remarkable. First of all, it’s probably the biggest military exercise ever run on U.S. soil. Federal law limits what the military can do on U.S. soil and so most military training exercises are held on military bases. Yet this seems to be almost exclusively being run in civilian areas.

This exercise is being run by the Special Forces community, through…

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