Goron Duff VT 4-18-15… “Jade Helm: Another Neocon Hoax” (and a Gordon/Jim note about a related VT post0

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_111veterans_today_gordon_duff_banner_41There’s a Guidance, I call it, that “moves” me to post things here. I do not post everything that comes across my consciousness zone. This “Jade Helm” thing has been one of those. The Kp blog is not about PAFP (Passing Around Fear Porn). Usually those articles are accompanied by a “Be afraid… Be very afraid” statement or two (or twenty).

So this is the only “Jade Helm” thing I will likely post here. There was another VT article, of which I’ll only quote what Jim Dean and Gordon Duff added as comment:

“[Editor’s Note: We have checked all of our sources who would be in a position if something like this is going on, and it categorically is not. What we have is another NeoCon excercise to test how many people can be taken in on this old scam…again. Our aplogies for having and [an] experienced journalist post…

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