JADE Helm First Strike: Time To Prepare–Suspicious Walmart Closings

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Thanks, SP, for the heads up. I go out to the vet for a couple of hours and this greets me on my return. Makes my hackles rise. I’m still in doggie mode.

As many people know, Wal-mart is not our friend. They are one of the richest corporations on the planet and they are a cabal-related operation. They treat their employees like dirt, underpay, and spy on them in the warehouse, to name a few examples.

Now these people have lost their jobs with zero notice in the stores that are closing. That’s going to hurt even more when they could barely make ends meet as it was on their meager income. Some got 2-months pay and some may qualify for severance. See the news video here.

Professor Doom mentions in the video below the convoy of bright-white Wal-mart trucks we saw trundling down the freeway last year with…

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