Thomas Friedman and Raul Castro Agree: Barack Obama Is So Brilliant, He Sees America the Way America’s Enemies Do

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This is from Rush

If Obama was alive during World War ll I bet he could see things from Adolf Hitler, Hideki Tojo and Benito Mussolini‘s view also.


RUSH:  Did you hear what Thomas Friedman said?  Well, before I tell you what Thomas Friedman said, do you remember what Ronald Reagan said when he was asked about policy toward the Soviet Union?  (interruption)  What is going on in there?  Are you mad at somebody, or are you excited at somebody?  Snerdley started pointing and shouting in there and I thought something is going nuts.  He’s screening a call that he likes.  That’s what it was.

Anyway, Ronald Reagan, when discussing policy, foreign policy regarding the Soviet Union, said, “My policy’s very simple:  We win, they lose.”  And that was another one of Reagan’s statements that sent the left into orbit.  They thought it was simplistic, they thought…

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