Why Rand Paul Will Win

Why Rand Paul Will Win

Daily Caller ^ | 04/11/2015 | W. JAMES ANTLE III

Posted on 4/11/2015, 8:29:45 AM by SeekAndFind

Call off the Iowa caucuses. Cancel the New Hampshire primary. Let’s all head to Cleveland to name the 2016 Republican presidential nominee right now.

The race is over. Rand Paul has won. There is no way he can be denied.

How can I say that before a single vote has been cast, before most of the field has even declared? Simple: Dick Morris has predicted Paul can’t win.

Morris’ predictions are almost always wrong. Ergo, Rand Paul is now a heavy favorite to clinch the nomination.

Everyone who makes political forecasts with any frequency is going to make mistakes, me included. The crystal ball is sometimes cloudy. It’s hard to overcome personal biases and see the world as it really is.

But it is even harder to find a political prognosticator who has been wrong so routinely and in such an over-the-top fashion as Dick Morris.

Whatever mojo he had when advising Bill Clinton, Trent Lott, Jesse Helms and Howard Metzenbaum as a political strategist went out the window when he became a pundit.

Remember Mitt Romney’s 2012 landslide? “I believe he’ll win by more than five points in the popular vote,” Morris said. “I think he’ll get 325 electoral votes.”

On his projected electoral map, Morris picked Romney to win Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Virginia, New Hampshire and Ohio. Barack Obama won all of those states.

“[T]here is no chance that Obama will get re-elected,” Morris once confidently asserted. “I don’t agree that’s true,” Sean Hannity protested.

“Zilch, none, zip, nada,” Morris shot back.

In 2011, Morris didn’t think Obama was even going to run for re-election……….

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via Why Rand Paul Will Win.

via Why Rand Paul Will Win.


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